Different Types Of Carpet Cleaners That You Can Consider

You may have wondered how the carpet cleaners clean such a wide variety of carpets imp source. This is because carpet cleaners have access to a variety of different types. Here are more details on the carpet cleaning methods used by carpet cleaners.

Host Cleansing
After the carpet is vacuumed, it’s sprinkled with a wet compound that absorbs moisture. The compound is then agitated by a cleaning machine to help remove the embedded dirt. This method does not wet the carpet (which can be a good thing), however, it is less efficient than other methods of cleaning because only the surface of carpet is cleaned.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning
Low pile carpets benefit most from encapsulation. A carpet is first treated using a solution. Next, a special device is used to embed that solution into the carpet’s fibers. As it absorbs, the crystals it forms trap dirt deposits. You can vacuum it up using a normal vacuum cleaner, which will also remove the dirt. Any solution left behind after the initial vacuuming will continue trapping dirt. It is a quick method, but may not work for heavily stained carpets.

Bonnet Cleaning
A liquid cleaning agent is sprayed directly onto the carpet to help break down dirt. The liquid is then removed from the carpet by using a gentle buffing machine. The carpet cleaning machine’s absorbent bonnet or pad may need to regularly be replaced. This is another solution that dries quickly, but may not be suitable for face fibers.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaners
Carpet manufacturers most often recommend this method of cleaning. Pre-treating a carpet with a special cleaning solution will break down dirt. The solution and dirt is then removed using a high-powered, hot water rinsing machine. This machine removes both waste water and the steam from carpets, so they don’t stay wet. This is an effective way to sanitize carpets and remove embedded dirt.
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