Medical Astrology: What is It?

Astrology was once accepted science. Although the majority of people would like to believe that humanity has evolved, one cannot help but wonder whether we haven’t made a significant step back. Humanity believes that they are too advanced for things like the cosmos. Let’s face, the majority of people don’t believe that the movement of stars or planets can affect their lives. Continue?

History of Medical Astrology: There are many records of medical Astrology practice dating back to Roman times. They show that physicians regularly used astrological charts for diagnostic purposes.

Is it possible for humans to say with certainty that they have a complete understanding of the universe’s workings? The west is now more concerned with conquering than understanding, although this is not always the case.

A special area of astrology called medical astrology deals with the individual’s physical side. Astrologers can determine the type of physical problems a person is likely to face by simply looking at their astrological chart. The disease can be identified by the 6th through the 11th houses.

The influence of the planets on our health is real, regardless how skeptical. Mars, a fiery and powerful planet, can become too powerful, leading to brain hemorhages, tumors and boils. Mercury is associated with paralysis, nervousness and kidney problems. Venus can also cause kidney problems. Each sign in the zodiac controls a part of your body. Pisces governs the feet, Cancer the stomach and Taurus the neck.

Medical astrology can prescribe remedies for people who suffer from the negative effects of the planets. A variety of gemstones is usually used in remedies.

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